My name is Márcia Cave. I graduated from Wittenberg University with a Major in English and a Minor in Creative Writing. My desire is to write to encourage and to reach into your soul to awaken emotions that may have been dormant. I want to write in order to cause feeling. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to express what we are feeling. When we find a story or a poem or an essay that makes our soul ache with joy and pain, it makes us breathe again and find hope.

Some of my writings will be poetry, some essays, some stories, and some just thoughts. Because I grew up in Africa a lot of what I write may have a foreign flavor to it. But even if it does feel foreign, I hope it still speaks truth to your heart and causes emotions we all feel. We may not have grown up in the same country or speak the same language but we can all laugh the same and cry the same.