The Doorway

Door in forest
A Tale for the Child-like Heart

Once Upon a time, a very long time ago, there was this great and powerful being. He wasn’t a man but he wasn’t an angel or a ghost either. He just existed. He could look like a man if he wanted to. Or he could be invisible just like the wind. When he would decide to look like a man, he had dark skin and black hair and a black beard. He was so powerful he could think up anything he imagined and all he had to do was to speak and it would exist. His name is Creator.

One day when Creator was just existing, he realized how very lonely he was and how much he wanted to love something and be loved in return. He had such great love in his whole being it was like his blood was made out of love. But he had no one to give it to. No one he could watch smile and laugh and live and be happy. So he decided he was going to create other little beings who could walk and talk and speak. Some creatures he could love and who could love him back. But he didn’t want to force them to love him. He wanted them to choose if they wanted to not because he had programmed them to love him.

So when he was creating their world, the place in which they would live, he divided it. On one side he planted this beautiful garden. There he planted little trees which had juicy fruit hanging off of their branches and he planted huge trees and both were so green and bright. He made his little beings sky so blue just like the seaside he built with water and sand and cliffs.
He also decided to plant many different flowers that smelled so sweet their fragrance filled the entire garden. The smell of juice-filled fruit also filled the garden. The fruit on the trees was so big and juicy that when his little beings bit into the fruit, juice would fill their mouths and drip down their chins.

After he had made the garden, he created all sorts of creatures. All of them could talk and walk and think. The garden was so beautiful that all of the beings he created were so happy in the garden.

Now, that was only half of the world he created. The other half was dark without any green grass. It was just dark dirt with dead black trees and branches and thorns. The fruit on this side was small and wrinkled. It was not like the big juicy fruit in the living garden. The seaside on this half was muddy and brown and smelled bad. There were also no flowers so the smell of the muddy sea filled the air. The sky was not blue either. Instead it was more of a gray color. Even when the sun was shining everything still was gray instead of bright blue. It looked like the sun never shined. Creator tried to make this place so terrible so that none of His beings would want to go there.

To divide the living garden from the dead garden, he decided to build a huge wall. But it wasn’t just any wall. This was actually a giant mirror. On the bottom half was a gray brick wall about 7-foot-high and on top of that was the mirror running the whole length of the gardens. Against the wall in the living garden were bushes. And trees grew and stood tall. But in the dead garden only thickets and thorns grew. In the wall, Creator had placed a doorway and when you looked through you could see all the black dead trees and the gray sky. Sometimes there were even these dark black bat like creatures that flew by or that sat and looked at the beings on the other side. Their fur was tangled and their eyes were red.

Even though Creator made this dead garden so terrible He still knew at some point his little beings would be curious and would want to know what was on the other side. He knew they would be tempted to go over there. That is why He built the wall with a mirror on top. He wanted His beings to look up in the mirror and see their beautiful world and be reminded of all the love Creator had for them.

There was only one rule in the entire garden. Creator called all of His beings and animals and birds together and said, “There is only one rule in this garden. You must not go through the doorway into the dead world. For if you go through you will die and you will not be able to come back through to this garden. You will be stuck in death.”

All of the creatures listened and nodded their heads.

Creator said, “Remember how much I love you and enjoy all of the good things I have created for you.”

And the creatures did. They had a great feast with singing and dancing and they were all so happy and joyful and full of love for each other and love for Creator.

But, as time went on they started to look more and more at that doorway. It was just so strange. What was on the other side? Did it look dark and black everywhere? Why was it that way? And what were those black bat creatures?

One day two beings were walking and talking with one another when they happened to look at the doorway.  There sat one of those black bats just on the other side. He said, “Hello, little ones.”

“Hello,” they answered.

The bat motioned for them to come closer. They hesitated but he said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.”

So they came closer. They were at the edge of the doorway.

“What is it like over there?” They asked.
“Why don’t you come in and find out for yourself? Everyone is welcome here.”
And he smiled.

“Creator told us we are not allowed to go over there. He said we will surely die and then we can never return to this garden.”

“Ooh, little ones, how little you know. I am alive aren’t I? I am speaking with you and breathing. Yet I am over here.”

“But why would we want to come over there when everything is so dark and dead looking?” One of them asked.

“You only see what the doorway allows you to see. Take a step back and look up in that mirror.”

So they did.

“Do you see all those giant green trees and those crystal mountains. Look at that blue sky. Do you see the mansions on the hills? That all is really this world. You are not looking into a mirror. All that you see up there is really what is over here.”

“But Creator said that what’s in the mirror is our world. And what about all the dead we see through the doorway?”

“Little ones, that is what Creator wants you to think. As long as you believe that mirror reflects your garden you will stay where you are. You will stay right where He wants you. You will only know what He wants you to see. As for the dead you see, that is just in the doorway. Your Creator made it all ugly at the doorway so you would not come in and discover all of the true beauty.”
The black creature could see they were listening intently and saw in their eyes doubt and belief forming. So he continued, “He does not want you to make your own decisions. He wants to control you and keep you for himself. After all, didn’t He make you for Himself?”

And so the beings were deceived. They believed their good Creator to be a liar. They believed Him to be selfish and to be hiding reality from them. So they walked through the door.

When Creator saw them pass through the doorway, His heart broke. Tears began to stream down His face. And at that moment it began to rain and storm in the living garden. Black clouds covered the sky for the first time. Lightning struck and thunder rattled the tree branches.

Slowly, over the years, Creator watched each one of His beloved beings go through the doorway. His heart broke every time. He strived to show His creatures His love by giving them all they needed. But they started believing He was the enemy and soon all His creatures had left His presence and crossed through the doorway. There was no one left. No one who believed in His love and no one to love Him.

He looked at the world He created. On one side was the empty beautiful garden and on the other side was just the dead black garden full of thorns and gray skies. His creatures had been tricked. They had been lied to with His truth. They thought He was their enemy. His creatures realized now how badly they were deceived. They each had begun to grow black feathers and fur and their eyes had a red tint to them. They cried out to their Creator. And He heard their cries. He saw them living in darkness and being tortured every day by the black bats. Creator knew the black bats were only torturing them because they hated Him. He knew what He had to do so He could free His beings.

Creator walked through His beautiful garden and went straight to the doorway and stopped. He could hear the screams and cries on the other side. He called out to the black bats, “I am here! Stop hurting them!”

He heard the cries settle. Then a ruffling, booming sound like thunder in the air grew louder and louder. It was all of the black bats flying to the doorway. They landed on the dead branches, their red eyes fixed on Creator.

“I am here.” He repeated calmly.

“So we see.” Said the leader. “Why don’t you come through the doorway?”

“I will come through but when I do you must leave my creatures alone.”

The black bats snickered, “If we can have you we will. But you know there must be blood.” They began to be excited and jumped up and down shaking the tree branches.

“Fine.” Creator said. “You can have my blood. But once you do it all will end.”

“Yes, it all will end.” Said the leader with a smile.

Creator could hear His creatures whimpering and crying still. Crying for Him. He closed His eyes and said, “Let it be known that my creatures are free. My blood shall pay the price.” At this He stepped through the doorway.

As soon as He stepped through all of the black bats attacked Him. Swarms of black were all around Him. They were ripping Him to pieces with their sharp claws and fangs. There were screams of terror from the creatures as they watched their creator die. They cried for Him and for the pain they had caused.

As the black bats continued to tear at Creator, His red blood leaked on the ground. His blood was everywhere. There was so much it started to flow back down to the doorway. Suddenly as His blood trickled through the doorway into the living garden, the wall dividing the two gardens began to vibrate. A sound like thunder rumbling grew louder and louder. The black bats stopped and looked up. As they did the wall exploded. Bricks and shattering glass blast at them.  But there was something else. A bright light from the beautiful garden came sweeping across the land. It swept through the dead garden. It was so white and bright and hot the black bats exploded. Everything dead was being drowned in blinding light. Then a crack of lightning went off like an atomic firework and everything was still.

Each of the beings slowly opened their eyes. Gone was the red tint. Their skin was smooth and soft. They looked around them. There was no more wall or mirror or gray sky or dead trees or thorns or black bats. The sky was so blue everywhere. The green grass replaced black dirt and was so soft to the touch. Green trees replaced black branches. Birds were singing in the air. There were flowers everywhere and gone was that terrible smell of death. Sweetness filled the breeze. All was new.

The Creatures got up off of the ground. Their pain was gone too. How could this happen? They were all so shocked and overwhelmed, when they saw another glowing light coming toward them.

As it drew nearer they realized it was their Creator. He was smiling. He had tears streaming down His cheeks. He opened His arms towards them. All at once His beings ran into His arms and He held them. They were home again. They could feel His heart pounding and His blood rushing. His blood had saved them. His love had saved them. From that day on they all lived in the happiness of the green garden. Loving and being loved by one another and their Creator. While they never forgot what their Creator had done for them, the darkness became only a bad dream. And they rejoiced in the light every day that followed.